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Suggested Activities

Get proclamations declaring suicide week in your area:

Yellow Ribbon Week is September 10-16, 2017

Contact the Mayor’s/Governor’s office and request that a week in September be proclaimed as your city’s/state’s Yellow Ribbon Youth Suicide Awareness and Suicide Prevention Week and arrange press coverage. Locations of world-wide events – will be posted as we receive them. To enable those who want to attend activities in areas world-wide, please email us with your location/event list, pictures and stories of your prevention week activities. They will be posted on this website.  (If you do not want them posted in web, please let us know).

More Suggestions:

We invite you to develop prevention week activities locally, please feel free to use these ideas!

  • Hold a ‘Walk for Life’, ‘Run for Life’, ‘Ride for Life’ a ‘Memory Ceremony’
  • Release ‘bubbles, balloons, doves or butterflies’. Hold a candle lighting memorial. Contact local support groups to let them know about the YR Week. Invite them to events, especially the candle lighting and/or memorial events.
  • Contact local schools and universities, service groups and agencies to offer to help make cards and yellow ribbon available.
  • Offer to place large Yellow Ribbons on school doors, office doors church doors and youth center doors. Offer to make posters and flyers.
  • Write a letter to the editor of your newspaper and contact your local Radio/TV stations emphasizing the epidemic level of youth suicide in the U.S.Have an open house or other activity to promote your services and participation in the community. (If you are a service provider agency)
  • Help make cards available to public locations: schools, churches, hospitals, businesses, libraries, banks, clubs and service organizations.
  • Get ribbon from craft stores and cut small lapel ribbons (in the design of the ones on the cards) to distribute before and at your events.

The Yellow Ribbon is the symbol of Suicide Awareness and Prevention, and for Survivors world-wide!