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Restore Hope Campaign is a public awareness campaign for those impacted by suicide, bullying and mental health issues.

A national tour with the hallmark of the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program, a 1968 Yellow Mustang* to bring street teams to local areas for events and trainings, distribute Restore Hope Kits and literally fill the car with YOUR messages (cards, letters, notes, drawings) of hope that we will share in a book and online. YOUR voices matter, YOUR messages of hope and how to “keep on keeping on” are important.

Teens helped start the Yellow Ribbon Program in 1994, and we are asking for your help now. Please join and help get this campaign tour started, help to bring it to your area. (Donate on front page) Teens and adults who support teens, can make this happen!!

This tour is for ALL ages, it can help youth/teens, adults, military (active and retired) service members and their families and our elders!