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How we HELP


“I am pleased to be able to commend the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program, founded by Dar and Dale Emme, literally saves boys’ lives daily”.

William S. Pollack, Ph.D. Real Boy’s Voices Random House 2000

“I highly recommend this program. Thank you for your efforts on behalf of the youth in our area.”.

Jim Hanson, Principal W. Sioux Comm. HS, Hawarden, IA *Pilot site – 1995

The Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program is a valuable and timely contribution to the fight against youth suicide. Young people are our most valuable asset. A Yellow Ribbon Card, in itself is a simple and inexpensive thing. This program can help to restore in individuals the feeling that they are valued “

Australian Prime Minister, John Howard 2000

Let us in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America contribute to these efforts. The Church Council encourages members, congregations, and affiliated institutions to learn more about suicide and its prevention in their communities, to ask what they can do, and to work with others to prevent suicide.

Evangelical Lutheran church in America – 1999


Thank You Letters

Your Yellow Ribbon saved two of my best friend’s lives.  One friend’s mom just died, one night he had a yellow ribbon in one hand and a gun in the other hand.  He saw the ribbon and took it to his counselor and got help.  You guys helped save my friend.

  Ashleigh, 16 (8-65911) 

I was struggling with doing suicide but one night I found Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul #1 – “I’ll Always be With You” about Mike Emme.  And I cried because I finally understood that life would be hard but that I can live.  Thank you for doing Yellow Ribbon to help us live.

Kristy, 17

Thank you for saving my life, you saved two lives because without yellow ribbon my son Matthew would never have been born.

Denise, 21 (3-16552)

Thank you for starting this organization…it’s saved my life.  My friend would’ve never known to get help for me if I hadn’t have had that card with me and I’m grateful for that today.