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While the message that it is Okay to Ask 4 Help!® is universal for everyone, Yellow Ribbon has curriculums and training programs for all ages. Ages: Across the life span. Elementary-age (grades K-5), Middle and High School-age (between 6-12), College & University, and Adult & Elders 18-65+


Urban, Suburban, Rural, Tribal, Cultural, Ethnic

Churches-Spiritual centers

Trainings include special insight for their particular needs to serve the community as a faith leader/center and to help their colleagues. Studies show that older adults, African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Native Americans, more often turn to clergy than to professional mental health services. (Husaini & Moore, 1994; Starrett et al., 1992; Weaver & Koenig, 1996, SPRC – D. Litts). Faith communities can work to prevent suicide simply by enhancing many of the activities that are already central to their very nature.

First Responders: Law Enforcement and Fire Departments

Trainings include several aspects – or roles – of the responder: 1) as a professional responder, 2) as a ‘civilian’, a community member / neighbor, 3) as a family member, and for 4) “taking care of your own”, your co-workers and colleagues.

Military: active and retired, and their families

Most often, the program starts with requests from youth for their schools, churches, and bases.