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Ask 4 Help Cards

The Ask 4 Help cards are at the heart of the Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention Program. These cards are a ‘voice’ for youth when they can’t find the words to say “I need help”.


The Warning Signs

Suicide is the result of a long-term “wearing-away”, an erosion of a person’s ability to cope.  The more warning signs shown and risk factors present, the higher the risk.

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February 9-10, 2017


Yellow Ribbon is a National Best Practices Program.

People in many roles at all levels of the community should be trained in community readiness and suicide prevention.  Yellow Ribbon’s Core Concept is to provide programs that empower youth/young people, their parents and adults who work with youth (teachers, counselors, first responders, and faith leaders) in learning how to confront the issues of suicide and suicide prevention and to be engaged in suicide prevention effectively at their own comfort level. Having a community with basically trained gatekeepers that can help people in need reach advanced trained gatekeepers/ professional help is key to empowering entire communities.




You may have noticed a lot of posts across the YR Social Media with the question “What are they worth to you?” & the hashtag #YiYR. We’re excited to tell you all about the 2017 Campaign. First – what is the meaning behind #YiYR? It’s short for “Why I Yellow Ribbon”. A simple question – […]


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